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Brand: Beautyfor
Dimensions: 36x51x34cm ..
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Brand: Medfor
Dimensions: 43x65x41cm ..
14,999.99 kn Ex Tax:11,999.99 kn
Skin disinfectant liquid 1000ml..
79.99 kn Ex Tax:63.99 kn
Brand: Beautyfor
Maximum operating time - 8 minutes, minimum - 90 seconds. Apply using a disinfecting solution. elongated tank. digital timer. Apply using a disinfecting solution. Capacity: 2,500 ml Sterilization time frame: 90 seconds – 8 minutes. Manual available on request! ..
1,100.00 kn Ex Tax:880.00 kn
Brand: Beautyfor
Ultrasonic Cleaning Machine, high frequency vibration stimulates the transducer and creates ultrasonic waves of 42 000 Hz. Charge the device with disinfecting solution or water and soak items that you want to clean and press ON button. The tool should be completely covered with water or disinfecting..
649.99 kn Ex Tax:519.99 kn
Brand: Beautyfor
Tray with strainer and hinged lid Suitable for disinfection of metal tools, such as nail nippers, nail scissors, pushers, tweezers, hair care tools, rotary tools for manicure and pedicure etc. For use with special disinfection liquid Tray feautures a self draining strainer that rises when the lid i..
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Brand: Beautyfor
2 shelfs timer Dimensions: 51.5x35.5x42.5cm ..
899.99 kn Ex Tax:719.99 kn
Brand: Beautyfor
1 shelf timer Dimension: 43x31.5x39cm Volume: 22L ..
899.99 kn Ex Tax:719.99 kn
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