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Electric Nail Drill Machine “STRONG”, 35000 RPM

Electric Nail Drill Machine “STRONG”, 35000 RPM




​Professional electrical nail art manicure machine (35000 rpm) for nail beauty.

Manicure Machine STRONG 207A - the right file for all applications, thanks to its sophisticated electronics and safe hand unit technology.

High performance manicure machine with quiet and smooth-running motor.

  1. Compact and ergonomic design
  2. Air natural cooled handpiece
  3. Automatic overload protection system
  4. Variable speed control
  5. Right & left turning ability (Reverse & Forward)
  6. Foot speed control (On & Off pedal)
  • Max: 35,000 rpm / Torque: 300
  • Input: 100V, 110/230V, 240V (50/60Hz)
  • Carbon Hand piece - weight : 232 g

Manual available in PDF (click the link) : Strong Power Series 207A

Made in Korea



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